Body Cameras in the Prison Service

We supply smart, efficient and secure body cameras to the Prison Service.

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Reveal body cameras are used in Prisons around the world to record planned removals from cells, amongst other things. A spokesperson from a UK prison said, “[before body cameras] a High Security Prison regularly used hand held cameras when moving recalcitrant prisoners from one area of the Prison to another.” This meant that one of the officers present at a removal was only there to hold the camera. The introduction of body cameras allows simultaneous recording and action from all officers present.    

Body worn cameras have proven to successfully reduce the number of complaints against police officers around the world by providing a true account of interactions. Given the benefit to police officers on the beat, it was decided that a Supervising Officer wearing a body worn camera would afford extra protection for the team of Officers from litigation. And it took only a short amount of time before it was reported that “this has been proven [in prisons] with fewer complaints being made by Prisoners.”   

Alongside the reduction in complaints, prisons with Reveal body cameras also benefit from an improvement in behaviour. The spokesperson added “with the video screen on show the Prisoners are realising that they are being filmed... this has led to them [the prisoners] demonstrating behaviour of a more compliant nature.”    

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