Case Studies

Incentive Security | Body Cameras in Shopping Centres


What problems can you face at work?

Security officer, Mark Causon said “10% of my day is dealing with the nicer things, just general customer engagement, which could be asking questions. Through to the not so pleasant things – it doesn’t happen very often – but when it happens it can be quite intense.

“We had an incident where there were 40 kids, they were all coming to meet to fight.

“In that situation obviously, camera goes on. If I’ve got a camera on, people always calm down. Because they can see their face, they’ll calm down.”

Best added “If he didn’t have the body camera, the youth probably wouldn’t have calmed down, because there is nothing to prompt him to calm down. It could have even escalated a bit more.”

Peter Nuttycombe, security officer, explained “The difference it’s made now is, they see themselves on the screen. It does sort out the issue itself straight away because they know they are being recorded.”

How else do the cameras make a difference?

Nuttycombe said “I think you can get people out quicker using the camera. It tends to get things resolved, I’d say twice as fast as it normally would without.”

Causon agreed, saying “The camera itself can cut the time where somebody is messing about.”

“Rather than it being static,” Nuttycombe added, “you may go to a situation where you’ve got a 6 foot 6 male to speak to, and if the camera is just facing forward then all you’re going to get is chest. So, the camera head, being able to adjust it is very good.”

Furthermore, Causon pointed out that “The fact that it records 30 seconds before, it means I’m not just recording what’s happened initially, I’m also recording what happened before.

“They could accuse you of something, provoking them, whereas if you have that 30 second loop prior to it, then you’re sorted.” Agreed Nuttycombe.

What made you choose Reveal?

Best said “Our local police force use Reveal cameras and that is what prompted me to look into Reveal. We currently use around 12 cameras, and it’s all the security officers who use the cameras.

“The Reveal cameras are quite good in the fact that they are fully encrypted. If something were to happen and the camera was lost, the encryption renders the camera useless, you basically couldn’t get hold of any of the footage on the camera, and if you’ve been recorded we need to make sure that that stays safe.

“It’s quite good to have DEMS there to manage all the videos, to keep track of everything, audit anybody that views it or downloads it, for the police or the insurance companies or anything like that.

“We can cloak footage, only certain users can view it if it’s sensitive, or if it’s staff related.

“Also, the fact that it automatically deletes any footage after a certain time, it prevents us from breaching our retention policies. We can mark a video as evidential which increases the retention policy so that we’ve got it there for insurance purposes or the police for any crime related activity.

“Not only does it protect your staff, but it also does with the customers as well. It helps protect everybody really; everybody who’s involved in any situation.

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