Evidence management, personalised.

Every organisation has its own way of doing things, and new technologies shouldn't force you to work a certain way. Whether it's how you want to access video, store data or manage every detail of how it's used: DEMS 4 lets you personalise evidence management to your organisation.

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  • Enterprise and Hybrid users can access, annotate and share footage using a number of popular browsers on a range of devices, and view footage from any device, including cell phones

  • Smart customisable settings and features that fit your organisation help you do a better job and allows you to be in control

  • More detailed data and searching provides valuable information and saves you time

  • Securely share media with internal and external organisations

  • You decide where and how your data is stored: Cloud, network or local storage - or any combination

What is DEMS?

Once a video is captured on your body camera, something needs to happen to it to make sure you're covered in court. DEMS allows you to securely store and manage that data, until it's needed. And when it is, you can easily burn, export or share it.

Cost effective

DEMS comes bundled with the cost of the cameras.


Unbreakable AES256 bit encryption in our cameras, coupled with password controlled access levels and an encrypted, full audit trail in DEMS makes for the strongest all-round system available.


DEMS is ready to securely share your videos instantly with whoever needs them, in whatever form they need it.


You choose everything from deployment method and storage location, right down to controlling what users can do.


Automated functionality and smart features streamline your work with DEMS. Its simplicity and intuitive workflow mean almost anybody can use it, with minimal training.


DEMS has been trusted by police forces from all around the world since 2002 and has been built in close partnerships with the people who use it.

"With minimal training, officers have been able to search, review, and export their own videos. Just like with the on/off switch, ease of use with DEMS is the most highly rated characteristic."

Officer J.Jones - Pasadena Police Department, CA

WATCH: Customer Interview

Rhys Miles from Thames Valley Police talks about their journey with the Reveal body camera solution

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