What’s new in DEMS 4

  New features in DEMS 4 Benefit to you
1 Enterprise and Hybrid users can access DEMS through web browsers on any device for media playback (DEMS Web) Accessibility on different browsers and devices. No need for client installation
2 User-defined user levels with configurable user permissions Create unlimited number of user levels to accommodate different officer privileges
3 Classify users in departments with configurable access to view media in their own department only or as well as in other departments Finer control of user access to media depending on assigned department and user permissions.
4 Classify and search for evidential media with user-defined media categories Quicker and easier search and more detailed metadata
5 Classify and search for evidential media with user-defined teams Quicker and easier search and more detailed metadata
6 Filter audit log with date Easier and quicker retrieval of audit log records within a certain timeframe
7 Append user ID or camera ID to auto generated incident ID for auto uploaded videos Results in unique auto generated incident ID which makes it easier to search and retrieve media.
8 Configurable recycle bin period to keep deleted videos Ability to recover accidentally deleted media files
9 Ability to share media with other DEMS users Provide mechanisms to share media to other user who can’t otherwise access it
10 Ability to share media with external agencies by sending them an email with credentials to control access Securely share media with external agencies without setting them up to be users of DEMS. The shared media will be accessible in its main storage location and won’t be copied to another location for sharing. For internal DEMS systems, the agency accessing the shared media will need to have access to the internal network in order to access the shared media
11 Notify users on login of the number of their newly uploaded videos that haven’t been inspected (classified) yet Makes it easier to retrieve newly uploaded videos and reminds users to classify them
12 Configurable transcoding speed, resolution and bit rate for transcoded videos Finer control over output transcoded videos to accommodate different network bandwidth
13 Configurable setting to transcode evidential videos only This will save the server’s CPU usage as it does not transcode non-evidential videos which are around 70% of the produced videos
14 User permission to clipping functionality Finer control over who can clip videos
15 Verify media integrity by checking its hash value when selected for preview Ensures that the played media is the originally uploaded file and have not been tampered with. This is only available on DEMS desktop application
16 Ability to require users to enter notes before changing retention policy for any stored material Ensures the user has logged why the retention policy has been changed
17 Configure camera recording format to be MOV or MP4 Ability to record videos in MOV or MP4 which is more web browser friendly
18 Display information on the Reveal camera screen while docked to DEMS Shows uploading and booking status on the camera screen without having to look at the auto uploader screen
19 Customise on-camera-screen information to embed camera ID, user ID, or custom text in video recordings Easier to identify videos with by stamping metadata on each frame

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