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UK Police forces use Reveal body cameras in their firearms units Mount the camera anywhere on the helmet or vest Turn the screen and LED light on or off No cables or wires to restrict movement or get entangled

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No other solution offers the same flexibility, reliability and high quality.

Ian Jones, former Chief Inspector and Head of North Wales & Cheshire Alliance Policing has spoken about why they chose Reveal body cameras for their Firearms units.

"I had to look for a device that could be used on the ballistic vest for normal operations, but also for firearms operations where it could be quickly taken from the body and mounted to a helmet mount.

"DEMS was part of my scoping, because I wanted a device that the officers could quickly and easily book out, quickly and easily book in, and also have the ability to upload the footage whilst simultaneously being able to share that footage with the joint forces.

"They have been used in multiple firearms operations; we have used them in an extended siege, which lasted for some 55 hours. The officers do feel supported by the cameras, and from interactions with colleagues from around the country, all bar none see it as a positive step."

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Reveal body cameras have been rolled out to all officers within the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire armed policing unit in order to increase transparency and help corroborate evidence in relation to incidents attended by firearms officers.

Chief Inspector Julia Hands, from the firearms unit, said: “The cameras allow an accurate account to be recorded from the scene of an incident.

“The cameras can either be attached to the officers’ helmets or their protective vests, and will not be constantly recording. If the officer decides it is necessary to start recording, they will inform the public present.

“If the public wish to view footage taken of them they can request, in writing, to obtain it under freedom of information and data protection laws.”

“The request should be made as soon as possible after the event as, under data retention policies, footage that is not marked as police evidence will auto-delete from the system within 31 days of the incident.”

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