170 ‘unacceptable” physical and verbal attacks on traffic wardens in Tayside and Fife, Scotland


Parking Warden

There have been more than 170 physical and verbal attacks on traffic wardens in Tayside and Fife, Scotland, in the last five years.

Some councils, such as London Borough of Merton, have turned to Reveal body cameras to help tackle the epidemic of aggression against parking wardens across the country.

A total of 177 verbal and physical acts of violence have been reported in Dundee, Fife, Angus and Perth and Kinross councils against parking staff, which includes wardens on the beat and attendants in multi-storey facilities.

A council spokesman said: “Assaults on our staff are never acceptable. We are committed to preventing violence and aggression and encourage our staff to record and report such behaviour.

“Where incidents do happen, we use all appropriate measures to take action in relation to those responsible and ensure that the staff member affected receives appropriate support.”

In Dundee, the council said it treats each incident of threat with the utmost urgency, as well as offering affected employees support.

A council spokesman said: “If the incident is of a serious nature, then the matter will be reported to the police if it hasn’t already been.”

In the London Borough of Merton, Parking Manager Sue Brady said “Since getting Reveal cameras the problems have been reduced dramatically; even if they have not gone away completely.

“If you have someone shouting at you when they see the camera recording they have the opportunity to amend their behaviour. Before we had the cameras they would have carried on but now most of the time they do think twice. Because sometimes the public are not very observant and can miss the camera we wear a CCTV badge so as there can be no doubt . We can then record the incidents as evidence to prosecute.”

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