2300 Reveal body cameras set to launch in Avon and Somerset


Reveal has been chosen as the supplier for body worn video cameras for Avon and Somerset Police. This will allow officers, across the force area, to start using the cameras from the end of the year.

Initially there will be 2,300 RS2-X2 cameras, which will be distributed in a phased approach to front-line police officers and PCSO’s. Additional body worn video cameras will be used by other roles within the force in the future.

Body worn video cameras are visible cameras which will be worn by officers as part of their uniform. They will enable quality digital evidence capture which will assist the criminal justice process. They will also provide an additional level of protection for officers and increase the transparency of their work.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, police forces have a duty to inform a person that their actions are being recorded on body worn cameras for evidence purposes and officers will be obliged to clearly state when they are recording an individual.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh, National Police Lead for body worn video, said: “When an officer wears a camera, the evidence captured is often much higher quality. I have seen earlier admissions and quicker pleas, together with better informed sentences and sanctions from courts.

“I want to equip my officers and PCSO’s so they can provide a high quality service to the public that is open and transparent, and keeps them safe. I believe that body worn video cameras will help us deliver this as well as helping to professionalise the service we offer. 

“A picture paints a thousand words and this is a further step in using digitalisation to transform policing and the criminal justice service for the better.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens said: “It’s important that the officers and PCSOs have the right technology to do their job, serving local people as effectively and efficiently as possible.  The new technology will transform the way the police work, achieve better outcomes and create fewer complaints. 

“Supporting the police in being open and transparent, the devices will help give a complete tale of events, for example when recording stop and searches or domestic abuse incidents.  These body worn cameras will also make a real difference in giving local people more confidence in their policing service.”

Alasdair Field, CEO of Reveal said: “It is a great honour to be partnering with Avon and Somerset as they become the latest UK force to roll out personally issued body cameras and evidence management software. We firmly believe that innovation is crucial to successful 21st Century policing, and we are committed to working together in this endeavour.

"It is particularly rewarding to be partnering with Avon and Somerset as I’m a Somerset boy, however we are always very proud to support our police forces and provide them with a technology that transforms their jobs. We look forward to seeing the many positive outcomes that this roll out will bring.”

Reveal was chosen following a market review of suppliers followed by further evaluation and more extensive testing of two final suppliers. Reveal already supplies over 20 police forces with the cameras.

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