Acting Sergeant explains how Reveal body cameras are having a significant impact in South Yorkshire


Acting Sergeant Simon Kirkham explains how Reveal body-worn cameras being trialled in Darnall, South Yorkshire, work. He explains they're being used to help tackle anti-social behaviour in the area to great effect.

“It’s little bigger than a blackberry [mobile phone], very very simple to use, very robust. You’ll notice it’s got a screen on the front, it’s got an angleable [sic] camera on the top which moves up and down and to the left and to the right. It won’t be fully immersed in water, but it is water proof.

“When officers take these out from the police station, they plug them into a computer, they’re then booked out to the individual officers and they attach them to the armour to go out on patrol.

“The impact of these has been quite significant. Most law abiding people have said they’ve been happy to see them and it’s positive. The criminals are less enthusiastic as you can imagine, but the benefits are that if you do encounter something, rather than just relying on the officer’s witness statement, having the footage as well makes a big difference.

“The powers that allow us to use this derive from article 8 from the Human Rights act. In circumstances where a crime has been committed, you’re helping save someone’s life or preventing injury, you can record.

“When it’s stored back at the police station, footage is kept for 31 days unless it is used as evidence. After 31 days it’s erased, or else the evidence is burnt onto a disc and used in court.

“They’re not used all the time, we don’t turn them on all the time, we’re not recording all the time. People don’t need to fear that we are spying on people. It’s a simple case of, when we need to use it, it’s there.

“When we return back to the police station, they plug back in. Footage is automatically uploaded and I can see us rolling these out a little bit further than just Darnall in the future.”

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