Bath and North East Somerset Council Roll Out Reveal Body Cameras


The Bath and North East Somerset Council have rolled out Reveal body cameras to selected Council Enforcement Officers (CEOs) in order to protect them from verbal and physical assaults.

Body cameras have contributed to a significant reduction in abuse against officers in the Policing sector. Operation Hyperion, a study published by Portsmouth University in 2015, found that assaults on officers fell by a third when body worn video was trialled and Grampian Police reported that the presence of body worn video reduced the overall number of serious assaults by 60% (June-August 2010).

Over half of all UK councils have now engaged with body worn video in some way. A reported 54% of UK councils are using, trialling or have previously trialled body cameras in at least one department.

A Bath and North East Council spokesman said: "The use of body worn video cameras (BWVC) by the council's civil enforcement officers is to act as a deterrent to protect staff from the risk of verbal and physical assault.

“The devices are only activated when the officer believes they are under risk of verbal or physical assault and never without the officer first making it clear they are recording the interaction.

"At this point the device's screen also visibly shows the images being captured."

Reveal’s body camera features an outward facing screen, which records and displays the events in real time, so that the member(s) of the public can see themselves on camera. The screen has proved to calm potentially hostile situations, by enabling the member(s) of the public to see their behaviour from the officer’s point of view.

The outward facing screen has been likened to a mirror, making members of the public more aware of their actions and the potential consequences, resultantly de-escalating moments of aggression and the likelihood of an assault against an officer.

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