Colchester Council Choose Reveal Body Cameras


Colchester Council have been named the largest out-of-city investor in body worn video.

Colchester Council first used Reveal body worn video in May 2016 and have gradually rolled out the cameras to Council Enforcement Officers (CEOs) such as parking wardens and park rangers, all over the borough. The body cameras were initially brought in by the council to reduce assaults on CEOs.

CEOs from the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) reported that Reveal cameras had helped defuse hostile interactions with members of the public.

Colchester, which has an estimated population of 180,420, has invested the 8th highest amount in body worn video, alongside Newcastle City, Tower Hamlets and Cardiff.

Evidence shows that body cameras reduce the amount of assaults on officers and increase the efficiency of criminal prosecutions. 

Colchester Council’s investment in body cameras was key in providing justice for the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) officer who was assaulted in September 2016. The officer suffered a broken jaw and was hospitalised following the attack, which was caught on his Reveal body camera.

NEPP Chairman Robert Mitchell said: “The partnership takes the safety of its staff extremely seriously and operates a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violent and abusive behaviour towards its officers.

“Where we have evidence captured by body worn cameras or other means we will use it to vigorously pursue assaults on our staff through the courts.

“We intend to use the photographic evidence captured during last night’s attack to fully support the police in bringing an appropriate resolution to this case.”

Body cameras have increased early guilty pleas by 90%, resulting in more efficient prosecutions. The UK Home Office states that body worn video evidence contributes towards saving a significant amount of police time, up to 22%.

Similarly, after a pilot phase, Aberdeen and Paisley Police, Scotland, estimated that body worn video saved in excess of £140,000 in court, police and prosecution costs.

More than half of all UK councils are now using body worn video. Body worn video has shown itself be a long-term investment, reducing assaults against officers by 1/3 and proving essential to criminal proceedings.

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