College Park Police, USA, Provide All Officers with Reveal Body Cameras


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The College Park Police Department, Atlanta, USA, have announced that they have rolled out Reveal body cameras to all of their officers.

The police department started to use the body cameras in November 2016, and after an initial trial phase, have now equipped all officers with Reveal’s body cameras.

The RS2-X2 body camera has an 8-hour battery life and can be mounted on to an officer’s chest or head as part of police uniform. It can be easily activated at the flick of a switch, and has an optional pre-record function which can capture 30 seconds’ worth of footage prior to the officer activating the camera, so that the build-up to an incident can also be viewed in context.

The body cameras were adopted in order to protect officers and citizens, while simultaneously building a positive relationship between the two.

Police Chief Keith Meadows said: “The College Park Police Department embraces the idea of transparency and the use of Reveal Body Worn Cameras.”

A UK study saw that assaults on police officers fell by a third when body cameras were introduced, and another UK study published by the prestigious Cambridge University associated body worn video with a 90% decrease in complaints against officers.

“It will go a long way in terms of building a sense of trust and legitimacy, and will help to protect not only our citizens but our police officers as well,” said Police Chief Meadows.

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