Deutsche Bahn Railway to Roll Out Reveal Body Cameras to Staff


This article was originally posted on Suddeutsche Zeitung – you can read it here.

German railway company Deutsche Bahn are set to roll out Reveal RS2-X2 cameras to staff manning the railways, to reduce abuse against staff and improve safety across the railways.

Reveal’s body cameras were piloted by the company during the late months of 2016. The pilot was hosted in Berlin, across three train stations, Zoologischer Garten, Alexanderplatz and Ostbahnhof. Over a period of 3,500 hours of service, including 12 members of staff, 0 incidents of violence or abuse occurred against the staff equipped with Reveal bodycams.

Security Chief Hans-Hilmar Rischke was in favour of the roll-out.

Body cameras are now part of the plan to upgrade the railways. They are expected to assist staff in de-escalating situations involving members of the public on the railways, especially during busy seasons, folk festivals, football events and other large events.

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