Devon and Cornwall police roll out 1,900 cameras to officers


Reveal body-worn video cameras have now been issued to all front-line police officers across Devon and Cornwall.

The force has provided 1,900 D-Series cameras in total which are also available for use by other officers and staff.

The Reveal body cams allow officers’ interactions to be recorded at the scene of incidents and have been credited with reducing complaints.

Details of the roll-out of the programme were given to councillors on the region’s police and crime panel.

A report said the force is now looking into how the cameras might be used to record interviews instead of taking written statements.

A statement on the force website said: “The motivation for the implementation of these cameras has always been evidential. 

“They will provide an unbiased record of what an officer has experienced. 

“The cameras will be used to record the majority of incidents and encounters, making the police more transparent and officers’ actions more accountable.”

The force says the cameras are not always on but are used to record specific incidents such as stopping a vehicle, attending premises to make an arrest, or where domestic abuse or modern slavery is suspected.

Any recording not used as evidence is automatically deleted after 31 days.

Learn more about Reveal body cameras here