Domestic violence survivor Gale Marmoy highlights importance of body cameras


The British public have been moved recently by the broadcasted events that occurred to Isle of Wight resident Gale Marmoy. BBC Panorama aired an episode on domestic violence in the UK, showing footage taken from two Hampshire officer’s body cameras as they responded to Ms Marmoy’s 999 call.

The two responding officers were equipped with Reveal RS3-SX body cameras, which recorded evidence of Ms Marmoy’s bruised and swollen face, which one officer described as the worst they had ever seen.  

Ms Marmoy was thankful that the officers had been wearing body cameras to capture the severity of the incident.  

'They could see the emotion of how frightened I was.’ She said ‘If they (police) had left that night and that camera wasn’t on, and it had been a little bit later, they wouldn’t have found me as they did, they would have found a body.

'People don't realise how bad these things are but with that footage they could see how bad it was... A picture does tell a story but actually watching it, they could see I was totally confused...which you don't get from a photograph.'

Police are now praising Ms Marmoy for speaking about her injuries and say the case has highlighted just how useful body cameras can be.

Detective Superintendent Ben Snuggs said: 'The effects of domestic abuse can be profound and persistent for the survivors, their families and the wider community.

‘This case provides a graphic insight into the power of body worn video as an independent witness that captures crucial early evidence in an investigation.’

Inspector Steve Goodier, also of Hampshire Constabulary, recently warned police forces around the UK against buying budget body cameras and highlighted the need to invest in top-end body cameras like the Reveal RS3-SX and RS2-X2 being used in Hampshire.

The Footage recorded by the two officers on the Isle of Wight demonstrated the benefits of high definition and a fully articulated camera head. Both officers were able to use the RS3-SX, regardless of height, size or gender to accurately record high quality and relevant footage.

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