Every force in the UK to use body cameras from next month


Credit: The BBC

BBC News has reported that, from next month, every police force in the UK will have body cameras at their disposal to help fight crime, with many forces showing a sharp drop in violence towards officers.

A West Yorkshire Police report claims that Reveal body cameras are having a positive impact on the behaviour of the public and the number of times police are using force to resolve a situation.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Battle, West Yorkshire Police explains “People realise that there will be an independent record of what’s happened, and so people modify their behaviour. They’re less likely to be violent towards police officers or members of the public, and that in turn means officers are less likely to have to use force.”

In addition to protecting officers, Reveal body cameras capture high quality evidence that can be used to replay exactly what happened.

PC Oliver Maskery, West Yorkshire Police said “The camera acts as a back up to us to show exactly what we saw, to justify our decision making at that time.”

“I think the public trust us more because they know that as well as they are being recorded, so are we.”

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