German Rhineland-Palatinate State Police Equipped with Reveal Body Cameras


The German Rhineland-Palatinate state Police have extended a trial of Reveal’s body worn video, after it began in January 2015 in Mainz and Klobenz. Now, Rhineland-Palatinate is set to be the first German federal state to extensively use body cameras in all areas.

Within 5 of the state police departments, 332 emergency personnel are set to be equipped with body cameras.

The emergency personnel were enrolled in a day-long course, which provided them with training in how to use the equipment, in preparation for the roll-out.

The Rhineland-Palatinate Police have said that the main reason for the introduction of body worn video is to reduce to amount of violent attacks on police officers.

Body cameras operate as a deterrent from both verbal and physical attacks on police officers. Reveal’s RS2-X2 body camera utilizes a forward-facing playback screen, which allows any potentially aggressive member(s) of the public to see themselves being recorded. This has proven to highlight their behaviour and de-escalate situations where tensions between the member(s) of the public and the officer are rising. Austrian police found that 95% of people were calmer in the presence of body cameras.

A total of 759 cases of violence against police officers were registered during the pilot phase, showing the level of violence faced by Rhineland-Palatinate Police.

If the body camera is unable to defuse the situation and it escalates to physical or verbal abuse, it can then capture reliable evidence of the attack, which can be used in a criminal proceeding. A study conducted by The University of Portsmouth, UK, found that assaults on officers fell by 1/3 when body worn video was used.

To request a free demo of the RS2-X2 camera please click here.