Government sets out plan for body cameras to curb aggressive bailiffs


The government recently announced the introduction of compulsory body-worn cameras to give greater protection to people in debt from rogue bailiffs.

While the vast majority act professionally and within the rules, there are concerns that some bailiffs continue to employ intimidating tactics that put both themselves and often vulnerable consumers at risk.

The Government is taking decisive action and making body-worn cameras mandatory to ensure debt is collected in a fair and safe manner – with those who fail to do so held to account.

Justice Minister Paul Maynard said:

“The use of intimidation and aggression by some bailiffs is utterly unacceptable, and it is right we do all we can to tackle such behaviour.

“Whilst most bailiffs act above board, body-worn cameras will provide greater security for all involved - not least consumers who are often vulnerable.

Reveal body cameras are being used by a number of private and public enforcement agents across the country to protect both the public and the officer.

Sue Brady is an Enforcement Manager for the London Borough of Merton, who explained:

“We had a problem with some CEOs because they felt unsupported in their jobs. We had officers reporting verbal and physical aggression, verbal abuse is an everyday occurrence for them, but we’ve had officers been spat at and hit with things. It was being unable to prosecute against these things that made them feel unsupported, so we looked to get body worn cameras.

“We looked at a few companies and cameras, but we decided this one was the one that best met our needs.

“Since getting Reveal cameras the problems have been reduced dramatically; even if they have not gone away completely. If you have someone shouting at you when they see the camera recording they have the opportunity to amend their behaviour. Before we had the cameras they would have carried on but now most of the time they do think twice.”

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