Gwent Police officers get body-worn video cameras


Gwent Police officers get body-worn video cameras

Police officers in Gwent will be issued with Reveal body worn video cameras following a successful pilot in Newport city centre this August.

The force said that Reveal body cameras will help to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, increase public confidence and provide transparency around officers' actions.

The approach has been used by other forces with impressive results.

Hampshire Constabulary measured the impact of equipping every officer on the Isle of Wight with a Reveal body camera. Beginning on 1st July 2013, this first of its kind study was based mainly on a series of measures in the year prior to the cameras being issued compared to the same measures in the year after issue. In particular, the report highlighted the following positive results that personal issue body cameras helped to achieve: 

  • 7.8% reduction in crime
  • 26% increase in converting incidents into crimes (now having video evidence to press charges) – most notably in domestic abuse incidents which saw a 75% increase (which previously would have gone unrecorded as a crime, only as an incident)
  • 5% reduction in complaints against officers
  • Overwhelming positive public attitude (84-96%)  and officer uptake

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