How Reveal body cameras will stop police officers being punched, kicked and spat at


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“State-of-the-art” Reveal body worn video cameras are to be worn by police across Hull in the fight against assaults on officers.

Attacks on officers in Hull had risen drastically with reports of up to 11 officers being attacked in just one night back in March.

But, since the phased roll out of Reveal body cameras to officers at Clough Road in April, there has not been a single assault on staff.

The cameras feature a front facing screen which can de-escalate and deter aggression by showing the public what is being recorded. They also have a movable camera head, encryption and a 12-hour battery.

PC Rachel Matthews said: "Personally for me I feel a lot safer. If I am going out single crewed, and I don't want to sound sexist, I feel a lot safer as a female out on a night shift alone.

"Since the roll out in Hull on April 18, there have been no reports of attacks on officers which is very positive."

The cameras have also been introduced to support and protect victims of domestic abuse. The force say they will help in domestic abuse cases where victims may not want to press charges because the footage can be used as evidence.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Noble said: "We are excited to have such new and cutting edge technology to help us serve the communities in our area.

"The biggest motivation for rolling out this technology is to support victims - especially victims of domestic abuse.

"If just one perpetrator is put before the courts, who otherwise would have escaped justice, then the roll out of the cameras will have been worth all of the expense and complexities."

There will be 769 police officers using the cameras in Hull alone, with 398 officers in the East Riding.

Those wearing the cameras will include Neighbourhood Policing officers, firearms team, roads policing as well as detectives from CID and the Major Crime Unit.

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter said: "The benefits of this type of equipment are beginning to be recognised and I hope and anticipate that there will be fewer assaults on officers, that victims will have to attend court less frequently and that more guilty people will be convicted.!

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