Keeping Essex Civil Enforcement Officers Safe


Body cameras on parking wardens

Parking Review has reported that Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) in Essex have been eqquiped with Reveal body cameras since 2016, and that they are making a real difference to the people who wear them.

They were introduced after a number of aggressive and violent incidents towards staff were logged, some of which were escalated to the police. In one case, a CEO was left with a broken jaw after being attacked in Colchester while simply inspecting a parked car.

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) were hoping the cameras would not only deter and prevent aggression towards staff, but also provide high quality video and audio evidence that could be used in court to prosecute violent members of the public if needed.

Speaking about how Reveal body cameras have made an impact, NEPP group manager Richard Walker said "The CEOs have a noticed a difference. The bodycams have made them more assured in their role as well. They are doing some difficult things: trying to seize disabled badges, calm situations down and explain the reasons why people have got a PCN.

"In the main, a CEO sees an empty car and walks on to the next one. But sometimes people will have a go. There will be people who just see red whether you have got video on or not, but a bodycam will probably calm down 98% of the cases".

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