Kings College Hospital Security staff wear cameras to help reduce crime


Security officer wearing a body camera

Kings security staff have introduced Reveal body cameras to capture better evidence when dealing with incidents on shift. Footage from body cameras is being used every day around the country by Police, Local Government, Private Security and Lone Workers to provide better evidence in court, which increases guilty pleas and helps secure stronger sentences.

As well as collecting evidence, body cameras act as a robust deterrent to antisocial behaviour and aggression towards staff, patients and members of the public. Reveal body cameras feature a prominent front facing screen which displays recordings in real time, meaning people can see themselves being recorded. This greatly enhances the deterring nature of the body camera and diffuses aggression, keeping staff safer.

Furthermore, they will help ensure processes are fair and transparent and will reduce the number of malicious complaints made against hospital staff and others. Police forces across the country have seen complaints against police staff fall by 60-93% where body cameras have been in use.

Recording is manually started and stopped by the Security Officer wearing the camera. Recording will be started in situations when:

  • A crime is being committed, such as violence or aggression
  • Someone is restrained, either by a Security Officer or using a mechanical device such as a strap
  • Someone is removed from hospital premises by a Security Officer
  • A situation could elicit a complaint against the Trust

The Security Officer will make it clear if they are going to begin recording at any point, reinforced by the front facing screen displaying footage in real time.

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