Lincolnshire Police officers to get 500 Reveal body worn cameras


Lincolnshire Police officers will be wearing Reveal body cameras whilst on patrol following a successful pilot scheme.

Lincolnshire Police outfit officers with Reveal body cameras

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Alan Hardwick , has announced the force is to get 500 Reveal body worn video cameras to be used by all front line constables, sergeants and Police Community Support Officers to wear each time they are on duty.

Lincolnshire Police took part in a regional pilot with the cameras which involved forces in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

Mr Hardwick said: "Body worn video will always be used by officers policing the night time economy.

"Video footage of a person's behaviour and conduct in circumstances where they are arrested for a public order offence has been shown to increase the number of early guilty pleas by defendants.

"When used in domestic abuse situations, footage will provide the Crown Prosecution Service with evidence from the scene which should assist in the making of appropriate charging decisions, particularly where the victim later retracts their evidence.

"This should ensure domestic abusers are dealt with at the earliest opportunity, reducing the incidence of repeat victimisation and the amount of police time spent investigating these crimes."

He said effective use of the body cameras should also reduce the time spent on vexatious complaints made against officers as well as provide valuable footage where complaints against officers are well founded.

Last year, Lincolnshire Police was awarded a share of £1.7 million from the Home Office to be spent on body worn cameras for officers as part of the trial led by Nottinghamshire Police.

The money was part of the Home Office's £50 million Innovation fund.