Majority of Germans in favour of body cameras according to survey


A German nationwide survey has found that most German people are positive about and support the Police use of body worn cameras. 72.5% of survey respondents said they were for the use of cameras, while a further 11.5% said they were unsure.

Body cameras are being rolled out across Germany largely with the aim of protecting officers from increased aggression and attacks. The Police Union reports there were a total of 63,167 attacks on officers in 2016, up significantly from 56,822 in 2015.

GdP chief Oliver Malchow stated "Because of the increasing violence against police officers, the body camera can help protect police officers from attacks.

“In tense situations officers will declare that the cameras are recording, and our experience tells us that more often than not, the aggression against the officer will decrease.”

Reveal body cameras feature a prominent front facing screen that shows footage as it is being recorded. This enables people to see themselves and how they are behaving which has been shown to reduce aggression all over the world.

Malchow then went on to talk about how the cameras will not be used as a tool to spy on officers or to control their behaviour: “body cameras should not open the door to a comprehensive video surveillance. We reject this. Even Body cams should not be used to control behaviour of police officers."

However, the technology’s ability to collect high quality evidence to be used in court is another benefit to rolling out cameras. Malchow affirmed “The recordings will also make it easier to prosecute offenders.”

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