North Wales Police Force Equip Every Officer with Reveal Body Cameras


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Following North Wales Police’s order of 301 cameras in July 2016, the force is now set to use Reveal body cameras on a personal issue basis.

Every officer in the force will wear one of the Reveal cameras while out on duty, after Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones promised the body cameras in his manifesto. ‘I’m very, very happy,’ he said, ‘it’s going to help victims of crime, help us arrest more offenders and improve the quality of life of vulnerable people.’

Reveal’s body cameras were first introduced in North Wales in 2015, and have been very successful. Jones said, ‘it’s expected that the extra kits will result in a 12% increase in the number of successful prosecutions in domestic abuse cases, a surge in the number of guilty pleas generally and a reduction in the number of complaints against officers.’

North Wales Police are the first in Wales to equip all officers with the body cameras.

Chief Superintendent Sacha Hatchett, Head of Local Policing Services, said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted the Commissioner has invested in this new kit.'

‘The results for body-worn video nationally speak for themselves. When police officers are using body-worn video they are showing what’s happening in reality – the evidence is incontrovertible.’

She added, ‘officers are being really innovative. They’re used for anti-social behaviour patrols, they’re used on the night-time economy, so you can actually see if there is affray or fighting taking place, what that actually looks like, what that actually means at that time.'

‘There is a sound evidence-base for us having body-worn video, and it’s supporting my officers on the front line who do a very difficult job well and they are very professional in what they do, so anything to support them gets my support.'

‘We’re still analysing the data but we are finding that complaints against officers have gone down, people making vexatious complaints have reduced.’

PC Matt Jones is also supportive of the implementation of body worn video in his police force. He said, ‘it’s made a big difference. When we attend various scenes, for example a road accident, our priorities would be casualties and things like that. We can use our body-worn video on whilst we’re dealing with casualties.

Reveal body cameras feature a front facing screen which displays and records in real time. The front facing screen has had a de-escalation effect in hostile situations, as the member of the public can see themselves being recorded and become more aware of their actions. As well as being a de-escalation device, the body cameras records compelling evidence.

‘The equipment also makes people less likely to want to be abusive, threatening or violent because they know they’re being recorded on camera, It nips problems in the bud,’ said PC Matt Jones.

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