North Yorkshire Police roll out Reveal body cameras


D-Series body camera used by UK police

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From 25 June 2018 North Yorkshire Police will begin a roll-out of Reveal body-worn video cameras to Authorised Firearms Officers, Taser trained officers, response officers, and custody staff.

The cameras have been introduced following extensive research around body-worn video in other police areas, and following support from the National Police Chiefs’ Council, and suggestions by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Fire and Rescue Services.

The expected benefits of the cameras based on trials and research to date, include:

  • improved evidence to support investigations
  • increased conviction rates – particularly in the case of domestic violence and public order offences
  • a reduction in substantiated complaints against North Yorkshire Police and its officers and staff
  • a reduction in assaults against police officers
  • an increase in guilty pleas due to better evidence
  • transparency in policing
  • the cameras have also been shown to act as a deterrent in certain confrontational situations.

Assistant Chief Constable Amanda Oliver, said: “Body-worn video is now widely used across the UK police service and research has revealed numerous benefits for those forces using it.  At North Yorkshire Police we wanted to be sure that the benefits would outweigh any negatives, and have tracked both the results of its use, and the development of the products and solutions over the years. Having seen the results from other areas, we are confident that the time is now right to adopt the use of the cameras in North Yorkshire.

“We anticipate they will be a key tool to protect both members of the public and our officers and staff, in addition to providing vital evidence to support investigations and complaints.”

Earlier this year, Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire approved the funding for the cameras. She said: “My aim is always to ensure North Yorkshire’s police officers have the tools and resources to allow them to tackle crime, bring offenders to justice and keep our communities safer and I support the force’s decision to equip certain teams with body-worn video cameras.

“I believe there are important benefits to the use of this technology, with improved legitimacy and safety for the public, and improved assurance for police officers. As the trial progresses, I look forward to hearing about the impact they are having.”

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