Nottinghamshire Police set to roll out Reveal RS2-X2 body cameras from next month


Nottinghamshire police wearing body camera

The Reveal RS2-X2 body worn cameras are to be rolled out across Nottinghamshire from next month as part of efforts to cut crime across the county.

Inspector Simon Allen, the regional lead on body-worn cameras, says recorded footage could prove a very powerful tool.

He said: "For domestic violence victims, for example, the cameras will be able to capture the emotions and the raw confusion in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

"That "real life" footage can then be put before a jury, rather than a very clinical picture of events from witness statements.

"The cameras will also help moderate officer and offender behaviour – people are less likely to play up when they see they're being recorded, while officers will perhaps be a bit more patient and more tolerant."

Last year it was revealed that the force had won a £1.7 million grant from Whitehall to fund the body cameras, with Nottinghamshire Police matching the funding.

At the time, the scheme was criticised for taking money away from investment in frontline officers.

But Inspector Allen says the cameras could help keep more bobbies on the beat.

He added: "There will be less cops injured and off sick, less time spent at court as more people will plead guilty and less complaints for police to deal with.

"All that means that potentially we will have more cops on duty at any one time."

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said he was pleased to see the cameras hitting the streets.

He said: "There will be a number of benefits.

"The evidence taken on cameras can be used at court and will cut out a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy.

"It will also lead to better behaviour as people will know when the cameras are recording. And I know people from the black community feel it will be useful when it comes to stop and search, as it will show that officers are treating people with respect."

The Meadows station has been earmarked to be the first station to use the cameras, with the roll-out expected to take place week-by-week until late Autumn.

Phil Matthews, chairman of Nottinghamshire Police Federation, said: "We think the cameras will benefit our members, for example in terms of fewer malicious complaints against officers and more prosecutions in court.

"This force ran a pilot about 10 years ago in the Broxtowe area and we saw complaints fall through the floor."

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