PCSOs in North Wiltshire get new Reveal body cameras


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POLICE community support officers in North Wiltshire have been issued with Reveal body cameras to help in the fight against crime.

PCSOs in Malmesbury, Cricklade, Ashton Keynes and Minety have all received the small devices as part of a wider scheme to equip officers throughout the county.

The RS2-X2 body cameras are designed to be worn on the officer’s protective body armour and have a front facing screen that displays the video being recorded in real time.

Malmesbury’s PCSO Michaela Lareine has spoken about the benefits the cameras will bring the force regarding complaints and officer safety.

She said: “It helps us to back up complaints as it is good for recording first accounts.

“They are not on all the time but they are beneficiary to have as and when we need them.

"Really it’s partly to protect other people and partly to protect us."

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