Police in Schleswig-Holstein use Reveal cameras for protection from attacks


Schleswig-Holstein police have rolled out 40 Reveal D3 body cameras in a bid to “protect colleagues from attacks,” according to Police Director Axel Behrends.  The front facing screen has a “mirror” effect whereby the person being recorded can see themselves, often resulting in de-escalation and a reduction in conflict.

The cameras will be used at the largest summer party in Northern Europe, hosted in Kiel, as well as the Wacken Open Air and Travemünder Woche festivals.

Officers will be using the cameras in pre-record mode, whereby the camera retains 30 seconds of video prior to the moment recording is activated. All footage that is not evidential will be automatically deleted by DEMS 360 after 3 days.

Behrends said that in light of the 374 officers injured last year in the north alone, “We hope that reduces the violence against police officers”. The roll out has the support of Interior Secretary Torsten Geerdts (CDU), who has gone on record to encouraged the use of body cameras as an important means of protecting officers. 

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