Police Officers in Waverley go Personal Issue with Body Cams


Police officers in Waverley have been equipped with over 150 Reveal body cameras on a personal issue basis.

Surrey Police announced the roll-out of body cameras to police officers in areas such as Waverley and Guildford at the beginning of 2017 and now, personal issue body cams mean that each officer has their own body camera to use while out on duty.

The Reveal body cameras have been adopted by the force to protect officers working on the frontline of policing from physical and verbal attacks. The forward-facing screen has proven to de-escalate hostile situations; a study conducted in Northfield and Mastrick, on Grampian Police, saw that serious assault fell by 60% with the introduction of body cameras.

Chief Superintendent Jon Savell, the divisional commander for West Surrey, said: “The introduction of body worn video across Guildford and Waverley is a real step forward for both the public and our officers.

“I have no doubt that the public will see no difference as to how our officers interact with them, and I am sure they will see the benefit in the collection of better evidence in order to pursue offenders to prevent and detect crime.”

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