Prime Minister endorses body worn video


Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has yet again endorsed body worn cameras and their ability to capture high quality footage to be used to bring people to justice, as well as their ability to deter assaults on Police officers.

During today's Prime Minister's questions, Holly Lynch, the Labour MP for Halifax, asked the PM:

“There were over 23000 assaults on police officers last year and an assault on a police officer is an assault on society. What will the Prime Minister do to ensure that the toughest deterrents are in place to protect front line officers, and when will she reduce the need for unsafe, single crewing by restoring the number of police on our streets.”

To which the Prime Minister replied:

“…New developments like the body worn videos help to provide the evidence that ensure that people can be brought to justice and that actually deter assaults in the first place.”

Reveal body cameras feature front facing screens which demonstrate visibly that aggressive actions are being recorded. When people can see themselves on screen they will often alter their behaviour favourably, and in some cases become apologetic.

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