Railway staff in Sweden receive Reveal body cameras


Train ticket inspectors and attendants in Gothenburg, Sweden, are now carrying Reveal body cameras as part of their uniform to protect themselves from aggressive passengers.

Staff can sometimes face tough situations at work when unhappy passengers turn violent, but now the body cameras will help diffuse potential confrontations, keeping staff and passengers safe.

Resolving incidents quicker and preventing them from escalating will also make the workforce more efficient, providing a better service to passengers.

The train companies are not the only organisation to be using body cameras in Gothenburg - the Hard Rock Café in the city are also using the cameras. Their head of security Othello said

“It stops situations getting to the point of violence. Most of the time people notice it without me having to say anything, but sometimes just by pointing at the display they can see themselves and they realise they are being filmed. And they want to get away with what they are doing so normally they just leave once they see the camera.

“It’s better than having a colleague next to you. A colleague can lie. Having the camera is like having an unbiased colleague who speaks the truth and nothing but the truth."

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