Reveal Body Camera Captures Violent Hammer Attack on West Sussex Police Officers



Reveal body cameras were key in capturing evidence of a violent claw hammer attack on West Sussex Police constables, Jessica Chick and Stuart Young, in Crawley, on 7 January 2017.

The officers were equipped with Reveal body cameras and so the attack was caught on camera. The footage shows the officers arriving at the scene of a break-in in Crawley and attempting to stun the offender with a stun-gun, when he lashed out with a claw hammer. PC Chick said, ‘I have never been so scared in my life.’ PC Young sustained minor injuries to his neck.

Reveal body cameras are used by West Sussex Police and can be activated by the officers if they feel that a situation they are entering could be potentially dangerous, or feel that the situation they are in is escalating. The Reveal body camera records high quality 1080p HD video and audio, as demonstrated in the footage of the hammer attack.

Reveal body cameras capture compelling evidence that can be used in court, so that such as in this case, the judge and jury can witness first-hand the level of aggression and defiance the offender perpetrated against the West Sussex Police officers. The offender was previously convicted of murder and following this attack, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Hove Crown Court.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: ‘We will not tolerate violence against officers and staff and we are committed to being robust in pursuing the offenders and bringing them to justice.’


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