Reveal body camera footage “corroborated the officer’s account of his actions”


Gwent Police have defended an officer’s actions as “lawful and proportionate” based on footage from a Reveal body camera.

The short video shows a man being restrained and arrested by three officers in Caerphilly town centre.

It captured the arrest of a 38-year-old man from Bargoed on May 9 2014. The man was charged and convicted of being drunk and disorderly and for possession of cannabis.

A Gwent Police spokesperson said: “Having been made aware of the footage in June 2014 the Gwent Police Professional Standards Department launched an investigation into the conduct and actions of a police constable from the Caerphilly Local Policing Area.

“The standards investigation was comprehensive and took into consideration a number of factors including footage captured by the officer’s body worn camera which recorded the whole incident as opposed to only the arrest element. As part of the investigation the person who was being arrested in the footage was visited and spoken to. He did not wish to make any complaint.

“It was concluded that the body worn camera footage corroborated the officer’s account of his actions. The investigation decided that there had been no breach of the standards of professional behaviour and the officer’s actions were lawful and proportionate.”

The law states responsibility for using force rests on the individual officer, but they should consider whether force is needed to uphold the law, whether there is an immediate threat and whether other means can be used, in this case to make an arrest.

If force is used it should be proportionate.

A Gwent Police spokesperson added that force was needed as officers were “in the process of restraining him”.