Reveal body camera used in court case against wife on trial for trying to murder sailor husband


As seen in recent news and reports, the benefits of successfully implementing body worn video are undeniable.

A recent case in Portsmouth shows yet another example of how body cameras capture the truth of a situation, such as the recent crime involving a woman stabbing her sailor husband three times and leaving him to bleed on the floor.

Sadly domestic violence is a common crime in the UK with low prosecution rates. Hampshire police have recently rolled out 2,300 Reveal RS2-X2 body cameras and have been using Reveal body cameras since 2008. With the aim specifically in domestic abuse cases to enable officers to build cases against criminals without needing the victim to push for prosecution.

The incident originally happened back in February shortly before police officers wearing Reveal body cameras were called to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s home where officers found the victim and arrested Mrs. Smith.

“Body-worn video played in court showed her screaming ‘what have I done’ repeatedly from her arrest through to her arrival at Waterlooville police station cells.”

As previously stated in the past by PC Matthew Rumsey of Hampshire Constabulary, Reveal cameras are “a fantastic way of capturing incidents and showing on occasions the seriousness, sometimes the confusion of an incident”.

“Two other pieces of body-worn footage from PC Danielle Ruzewicz and PC Christopher Dawes showed Mr Smith laying in pools of blood as they administered first aid before paramedics arrived.”

“PC Dawes’ video showed him searching the house and opening Mr Smith’s bedroom to find blood on the door and floor. In the footage Mr Smith, lying on his side, tells officers: ‘I went upstairs. I got stabbed.’”

In cases such as the above we can see first-hand how technology such as body worn video is improving policing in the 21st century.

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