Reveal body cameras change the face of policing in Staffordshire says PCC


Police officers in Staffordshire are required to record each stop and search on their Reveal body cams and the footage can then be selected and examined by people on Safer Neighbourhood Panels across the county.

The number of stop and searches in Staffordshire by police has dropped year on year with a larger proportion resulting in an arrest or a caution than previously recorded. This means police are using their powers more effectively.

Of the 3,585 stop and searches carried out by police in Staffordshire between October 1, 2015 and 30 September 2016, 882 (24.6%) had a police outcome – which includes arrests and cautions. This has decreased from 5,084 for the period between October 1, 2014 and 30 September, 2015 with a drop of 29.5%. Out of the 5,084 stop and searches in this period 1,057 (20.8%) had a police outcome.

Staffordshire Police was the first force in the country to equip all frontline officers with Reveal body cameras. And now armed police officers are also using the body cams.

Matthew Ellis, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire, said: “The impact of Body Worn Video across Staffordshire has been dramatic. It has changed the face of policing with footage being examined by people across Staffordshire to make sure officers are following procedures.

“People reviewing footage on body cameras from stop and searches has helped identify extra training for officers. It provides an extra level of independent scrutiny to make sure police follow policies and stop and searches are fair and effective.

“The use of body cams ensures police officers behave appropriately in their duties interacting with individuals as well as speeding up the investigation which at times can be complex complaints against officers.

“Body cams reinforce openness and transparency in policing which I believe is so important.

“As part of the approach I set out to make Staffordshire Police the most open and transparent in the country, Safer Neighbourhood Panels have been established and received training to look at policing in greater detail than ever before.

“This ensures local people are actively involved in holding the police to account.”

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