Reveal Body Cameras for Mountain Rescue


Mountain rescue body worn video

You can read the original news piece published on the North Wales Police website here.

Mountain Rescue Teams in North Wales will benefit from the use of Reveal Body Worn Video Cameras in their operations.

The 6 Mountain Rescue Teams which make up the North Wales Mountain Rescue Association (NWMRA), which includes the Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA) and Cave Rescue, responded to over 400 incidents last year. All of these teams are entirely staffed by volunteers.

With North Wales being renowned for its rugged terrain, the skills and expertise of the teams are essential in rescuing those who may be lost or injured in the region’s rural areas.

North Wales Police and NWMRA share a protocol for dealing with fatal incidents in difficult to reach areas and together deliver training to Mountain Rescue team members in relation to the recovery of evidence, still and video photography and evidential matters.

The new cameras will assist the NWMRA Teams in gathering evidence at the scene which will assist NWP and the coroner, whilst helping to bring closure to families and loved ones.

DCC Gareth Pritchard said “I am delighted to be able to present the North Wales Mountain Rescue Teams with these new Reveal cameras. These cameras are tried and tested, having been used for some time now by our frontline officers in the most challenging of conditions.

“As we know, there is a clear benefit to their use in achieving best evidence at serious and fatal incidents which thankfully are few and far between in the mountains of North Wales. I am ever thankful for the continued support and the high levels of professionalism and compassion offered by the teams at such incidents”.

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