Reveal Body Cameras on Display at Va. Expo, USA


Reveal were exhibiting at a Body Camera expo in Chantilly, Va, showing off the latest technology.

Gary Nickol, sales manager for Reveal said "With a single touch of the button on the side over here, you can actually record in what we call stealth mode, and what thats going to do is turn off the front facing screen, as well as the blinking light and you can continue to record.

"And the video cannot be delete, so it keeps the evidential material intact and keeps it very secure."

Other features of the Reveal RS2-X2 body camera are:

  • Unique, front facing screen which can de-escalate and prevent aggression towards officers.
  • One touch record, which is easy and quick to perform. The officer doesnt have to look and can feel from the action that it is in record.
  • Articulated camera head, which allows the officer to point the lens in the right direction, regardless of the mounting position, height of the officer or uniform.
  • AES 256-bit encryption, which secures the data from being visible and accessible except by authorised computers.

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