Reveal body cams deployed to protect Parking Wardens in Harlow


Parking Wardens working in Harlow will be equipped with Reveal body-worn video cameras after a number of violent and aggressive incidents were recorded towards them. The cameras will be used to deter aggression and capture high quality evidence when needed.

All Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) working for the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) are now equipped with RS2-X2 body-worn video cameras.

The partnership's decision to provide its enforcement staff with these cameras comes following a number of violent and aggressive incidents towards its officers whilst carrying out their duties.

Other areas where body-worn cameras have been introduced have seen a decline in the number of aggressive incidents towards staff.

Since April 2015, the Partnership's CEOs have reported 66 violent and aggressive incidents, 28 of which were reported to Essex Police. However, due to lack of evidence, only nine of these resulted in police action.

The use of these cameras will help to ensure that if a member of staff is subjected to abusive behaviour, then video and audio evidence will be available to the police and courts so that action can be taken against those responsible.

NEPP has followed the guidelines set out by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Office (the Government appointed independent commissioner responsible for all guidance in relation to surveillance camera systems), and complied with other relevant legislation and guidance.

The Partnership's Civil Enforcement Officers will only activate their cameras when they believe their safety could be at risk or they are likely to be subject to verbal or physical abuse.
Under no circumstances will the equipment be used to gather evidence for the purposes of parking enforcement.

Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership Councillor Robert Mitchell said: "The partnership takes the safety of its staff extremely seriously and will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards its staff.

"The NEPP's Joint Working Committee decided to provide its CEOs with these cameras, to ensure their protection and wellbeing at work"

"Evidence from the cameras will also enable us to investigate any allegations made against our staff – which has not been possible previously."

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