Reveal Body Worn Video Aids the Battle Against Violence Towards NHS Staff


The NHS Protect Publications recorded 61,571 physical assault incidents on NHS staff during the year 2012-2013, and an 8% increase in the year 2013-2014, at 68,683 total incidents.* As a result, Barnsley Hospital and Southampton General Hospital are among the increasing number of hospitals who have used body worn video to help fight the battle against violence towards NHS staff.

Barnsley Hospital and Southampton General Hospital have equipped security teams with Reveal’s RS2-X2 body worn video cameras to protect staff, patients and visitors. The body worn video cameras are mounted on the chest of security staff, and allow interactions to be recorded. The cameras are currently used largely in A+E, and frontline staff such as doctors and nurses can call the security teams for support when it is required.

Reveal’s body worn video camera features a front facing screen, often an essential tool in terms of de-escalation; as staff, patients and visitors can see themselves being recorded in real time. The effect of the front-facing camera is that members of the public are aware that they are being recorded and aware of their behaviour and the potential consequences of it. Upon failing to work as a de-escalation tool, the RS2-X2 camera records an audio-rich and high-resolution account of the event or conflict. The cameras have allowed transparency between staff, patients and visitors by recording footage of events and thus removing the possibility of false allegations during the recorded period. The footage generated is stored and managed by Reveal’s DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software) and can be used as evidence in court trials, if necessary.

This comes after the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham reported in 2015 that Reveal’s body cameras had contributed to a 28% reduction of injuries. The body worn video footage worked alongside hospital CCTV footage in numerous cases to enforce the NHS’s Zero Tolerance Policy on violence against staff.

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*NHS Protect Publications NHS Business Services Authority