Reveal cameras capture brave officers overpowering man wielding knives


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Leicestershire Police has praised the courage of colleagues in Wales who risked their lives to tackle a man who had armed himself with two knives.

The force said harrowing footage of the officers coming under attack from the armed man showed how police officers routinely put themselves in danger in the line of duty.

The footage, which was shot on the Gwent Police officers’ Reveal body worn cameras, was released yesterday after 36-year-old Tony Buttigieg, appeared at Swansea Crown Court.

In a statement on social media today, Leicestershire Police said: “Incredible bravery from our Gwent Police colleagues.

“This video demonstrates the dangers police officers can face at any time in the course of their duty to protect the public.”

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wilkie, of Gwent Police, said: “The body worn video footage is particularly harrowing to watch and reminds us of the risks officers face every day, when officers are simply carrying out their duty.

“Our officers showed exceptional professionalism and bravery when confronted by an intoxicated, agitated man in possession of two large knives, taking decisive action and courageously protecting the public from possible harm.”

The man has been jailed for four years for attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

Marc Budden, Chief Superintendent said “I’m pleased to say that the called result has reflected the serious nature of this incident and I’m absolutely sure that the body worn video captured here has been reflected in that sentence.”

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