Reveal – supplier of body cameras to police, pioneering body camera trials in schools.


Teacher body camera

Calla is technology developed by Reveal - the very first body worn video system provider in the UK. For nearly a decade, Reveal has worked extensively with police forces around the world, providing award winning body cameras and evidence management software.

For nearly a decade, Reveal has worked extensively with police forces around the world, providing award winning body cameras and evidence management software

As the very first body worn video system provider in the UK, we have been around for a long time and have had first hand insight into how body cameras can positively influence situations. 

Our customers’ experience in the field has taught us that the presence of a body camera in itself can deescalate potentially tense situations. Also when people see themselves being recorded, they tend to calm themselves down. But if a situation does escalate, the user has the confidence that there is a full recording of the incident showing the true account of events. 


Reveal to Launch Calla – Body cameras for non-law enforcement use

But it’s not just law enforcement who face situations where body cameras can make a difference. And this is why we’re bringing Calla to the market. Calla is a small, secure body camera with a front facing screen and cloud based video management software service.

Teachers are regularly in situations where they face disruption or aggression. We wanted to create a body camera that would be suitable for these environments but afford the same features of security and ease of use available to the police.

For some, these unwanted situations are beginning to affect their ability to get on with the job and are in turn negatively affecting their experience at work. In 2015 alone, 43% of education staff had to deal with physical violence in schools.*

With Calla, we want to empower people to no longer worry about these situations so that they can focus on what they love – teaching.  


Pioneering Body Camera Trials in Schools

We’re currently working on pilot projects with 2 schools in England to further establish how body cameras can help teachers. The schools have set up policies and guidelines for use of the cameras in line with Information Commissioner’s Office requirements. 

Alasdair Field, CEO said, “The schools involved in our trials are not looking to replace traditional behaviour management methods, instead the cameras are there to support these methods. Early findings from our trials has indicated that teachers aren’t using the cameras to shame students; they are used for self-reflection, to support discipline and to establish joint approaches with parents to manage problematic behaviour. This also improves transparency and accountability which in turn enhances trust and the relationship between parents and the school. 

“While some teachers may initially be apprehensive about using body cameras and whether they’re being monitored – we have found that once they see the demonstrable benefits, they appreciate its presence.

“Having seen the results this technology brings in calming volatile situations and as a parent myself, I look forward to helping bring these benefits to the classroom.”

Our experience in the field means we do not underestimate the privacy concerns and ensure that all footage is recorded on encrypted cameras and accessed through secure video management software – similar to that being used by the police. 

We’re currently using Reveal’s existing technology in the pilots but will soon be launching the Calla camera designed specifically for non-law enforcement use. 

Since the projects are still in pilot phase, at this time we cannot share further details about the schools in question but we will be publishing our findings once the trials have been completed. 

Feedback from the schools so far has been positive and we are confident that Calla will benefit staff and students alike. 

If there are any schools who are interested in participating or setting up trials of their own, please contact us to find out more