Roadworkers wear Reveal because of the abuse they get from motorists


Road workers wear Reveal body cameras

Roadworkers on the Isle of Wight have been forced to start wearing Reveal body cameras because of the level of abuse they get from motorists.

Traffic management staff from Island Roads have been issued with body-worn cameras to capture video evidence of unacceptable behaviour and dangerous driving.

Island Roads said there had been numerous incidents in which their staff had been the target of verbal and physical abuse.

In addition, some drivers had ignored traffic restrictions, putting the safety of roadworkers and other drivers at risk.

Sean Hillman, a traffic management operative from Ryde, said: "We must keep things in perspective because the vast majority of road users are very respectful — they realise the job we are doing is helping to make the Island’s road network much better, but on rare occasions some motorists can be abusive.

"As an Island resident simply looking to do my job to the best of my ability, I find that attitude unnecessary and disappointing. I welcome any reasonable steps to deter people from this sort of behaviour and which can help with any further action that may be taken."

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