Saxony Police roll out Body Cameras to protect officers


Saxony Police with Reveal body camera

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Violent crimes against German police officers have been steadily growing in recent years, and the emergency services are looking for ways to help protect officers when in uniform.

As part of their response, police forces across Germany are rolling out body cameras in an effort to deter and de-escalate aggression towards officers, and to capture high quality evidence to help convict those who attack police.

Mirroring the experiences of many countries around the world, feedback from Germany has been predominantly positive, with a noticeable reduction in aggression towards officers when the cameras were filming.

Saxony Police are among the latest in Germany to roll out body cameras to their officers, with a yearlong pilot starting in November this year to determine the extent to which body cameras are suitable and make a difference to the men and women wearing them.

Following a successful pilot, the force is expected to follow the lead of other police forces around the world and to roll out body cameras as a standard part of police kit, helping to protect the officers wearing them.

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