Sussex Police capture arrest of drunk passenger at Gatwick Airport with RS3-SX


This video from Sussex Police, captured on a Reveal RS3-SX body camera, shows how getting drunk on a plane can leave you behind bars. The drunken man, Andrew Tosh, has now been jailed for nine months after sexually assaulting a female member of the cabin crew, swearing and acting aggressively towards other passengers.

Officers were called to meet the flight from Glasgow to Turkey after it had to divert to Gatwick because of the behaviour of Tosh.

Footage captured on the RS3-SX body worn cameras shows Tosh being aggressive and abusive as he was carried off the flight feet first by officers.

He continues being abusive as he is put in a police van and taken to a cell. Tosh did not know which country he was in and had to be put in a hood to prevent him spitting at the officers arresting him.

Tosh, of Stirling Street, Dundee, pleaded guilty to sexual assault, threatening and abusive behaviour, assault and being drunk on an aircraft when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court on 11 June. He was then jailed for nine months and placed on the sex offender register.

The 34-year-old displayed the kind of behaviour that passengers and cabin crew have to deal with at times on flights in and out of Gatwick.

Sussex Police is now working with airlines, shops and bars at the airport to try to prevent problems in the air by dealing with those who have the potential to cause issues before they board their plane.

Chief Inspector Andy Kundert said: "Our aim is to prevent trouble happening by spotting the likely offenders early and dealing with them. We aim to make it very clear to people exactly what will happen to them if they get drunk.

"It has to be remembered that the number of passengers who cause a problem at Gatwick is a tiny proportion, particularly when you consider 3 million passengers per month fly from or to Gatwick, but there are few things worse when you are flying than having a drunken and abusive person nearby for hours.

"Drunken behaviour by obnoxious people on flights can include sexual assaults or assaults on cabin crews. Cabin staff can also have to deal with verbal abuse and threats.

"It is also upsetting and can be very frightening for other passengers, especially young children.

"This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and neither us nor the airlines will tolerate it.

"We are not saying that people cannot have a drink before they fly but if you have one too many don't expect to get on a plane."

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