Theresa May Praises ‘Innovative’ Approach to Tackling Crime


The News reports: Hampshire Constabulary has been praised for its ‘innovative’ way of tackling crime despite spending cuts. Home secretary Theresa May highlighted the way the force is leading others in relation to technology and the use of the Reveal body-worn video cameras as a means of capturing crime scenes.

Theresa May Praises ‘Innovative’ Approach to Tackling Crime

Earlier this summer, the force was awarded £362,800 to expand its use of body-worn cameras.

‘Hampshire has been an innovative police force, particularly in the work it has done around technology,’ Mrs May said.

Mrs May praised the fact crime has gone down by more than 20 per cent in the county despite the budget being squeezed. 

“Their push for digitalisation, the work they have done with body-worn cameras, has been very innovative and I know this is something a number of forces are looking at and considering taking up.”

‘When we first announced that police forces were going to have a take a cut in their budget, we heard a number of voices say to us that there was no way you could see cuts and see crime fall, but in Hampshire there has been more than a 20 per cent reduction in crime since 2010,’ she said.

‘I believe our police reforms are working and forces can be more effective and it’s not about the amount of money you are spending, it’s about how you are spending that money.’

She added: ‘As a police force, Hampshire has been looking at ways it can provide for things people need, while at the same time ensuring it is using taxpayers’ money effectively.’

The cameras have been used in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight since 2008, the latter as part of Operation Hyperion.

Reflecting on the issue as perceived in 2013, then Chief Insp McMillan said: ‘The new generation camera being supplied to officers will provide them with the most up-to-date technology on the market.

‘The equipment will be supported by some intelligent software that will make the management of the material obtained easier and acceptable to the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts.

‘I am keen to see officers making use of the cameras at every incident they attend, as it will provide essential additional evidence that will help prevent and detect crime, and bring offenders to justice.’

Hampshire Constabulary bought the cameras from body-worn camera experts, Reveal Media, and has played an integral role in the forces’ development as an ‘innovative’ leader in British policing.