Thuringian police positive about body cameras



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Early results from a body camera trial with Thuringian Police, Germany, demonstrate that the technology is helping to prevent attacks on officers.

Over the last few weeks Reveal body cameras have been worn by Thuringian Police to deter attacks against officers, and on many occasions aggressive people have calmed down after realising they were being recorded. This is welcome news to the force after the number of attacks on officers rose to 1200 in 2016, up from 1000 in 2015.

According to Günther Lierhammer, who is overseeing the pilot, there has not yet been a single case that has been adversely affected by the presence of a camera. Thuringia's Interior Minister Holger Poppenhäger went further to say he sees no reason why Thuringia police officers should not be equipped with bodycams in the future. In conjunction with the recently tightened penalties for attacks against police officers, the cameras may well indeed be the means necessary to curb violence and aggression agaisnt officers.

Further to benefiting the Police, the body cameras are expected to provide an enhanced sense of security for people involved with police operations, as they act as an independent witness in all events.  

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