TSG Choose Reveal for Body Worn Video


TSG policing choses Reveal body cameras

TSG provide a practiced, professional advanced security solution, responding to, and managing, incidents of crime, anti-social behaviour and disorder.

In order to provide the most up to date and professional policing service, TSG have chosen Reveal for their body worn video system, who provide the majority of UK police forces with body cameras and evidence management software. As standard, TSG officers will now be equipped with Reveal body cameras to support their duties, paying tactical and analytical dividends.

Reveal body cameras incorporate a front facing, LED screen, which shows people they are being recorded in real time, and enables officers to review footage of an incident and get a better understanding what of happened and who was involved. The film can also be relayed to other officers and, where applicable, to police and security colleagues, allowing for a clearer, multi-agency response.

“I needed an identifiable, high-quality camera, one that was tamper proof and ticked all the boxes, from battery life to being user friendly,” TSG Managing Director, David Boswell, says. “Reveal invests in product design and operational purpose, just like we do, and it had the perfect solution.

“Monitoring people with a camera, close up, can have a marked influence on their behaviour and body worn video helps TSG officers diffuse potentially volatile situations while protecting them from false allegations. It’s a reassurance for the public too, capturing officer conduct at the same time.

“The footage also supports our training,” David Boswell says. “We can see if the tactics were right and discuss how different options may have changed the outcome of the situation.”

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