VIDEO: Reveal body camera captures racist assault on Plymouth police officer


Footage from a Reveal body camera captured the moment a Plymouth man racially abused and spat at a police officer.

David Mears, aged 59, was being held by officers after they had been called to his home following an argument between him and his son. While waiting for a police van to take him to the local police station, body camera footage shows Mears verbally abusing the officers who had arrested him.

The officer can be seen angling the camera lens down when Mears decides to sit on the floor suddenly, and returning it to the normal position when walking to the van. The articulated camera head on Reveal body cameras is quick and easy to adjust, enabling officers to capture the most accurate footage.

On the Police van’s arrival, Mears is placed in the back where he hurls a last ditch, direct racist insult at one of the officers and spat on his stab vest.

Judge Paul Darlow described his behaviour as “grossly insulting” but accepted that he “acted out of anger rather than malice.”

Mears was handed a 12-week prison sentence, 15-day probation course, a £900 fee of criminal courts charges and a £80 victim surcharge.