West Lindsey District Council equip staff with cameras


County Council using body cameras

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West Lindsey District Council has invested in a dozen Reveal body cameras for staff to wear when working in and around the district.

Councillors approved a policy last year and have recently purchased 12 D-Series body cameras, to assist officers in their day to day work

Cllr Jeff Summers Leader of the council explained the council is putting the body worn cameras to use for officers for two main reasons:

  1. Enhance the safety of employees and members of the public

  2. Assist with the collection of evidence for offences that we deal with

Cllr Summers said:  “The council is committed to protecting our staff and members of the public and hopefully the cameras will prevent situations escalating. They are also a great way of gathering evidence to ensure appropriate action can be carried out in the most efficient way.”

The cameras will be used to support staff who deal with a range of issues such as:

  • Inspecting land or premises with warrants
  • Property inspections
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Environmental Crime

Andy Gray Housing and Enforcement Manager at West Lindsey District Council said: “It is the first time West Lindsey District Council has invested in body worn cameras.

“Some staff who carry out inspections in the district have received verbal abuse and threats and the nature of their job means they sometimes go into hostile situations. The cameras will act as a deterrent and will support our staff when carrying out their duties.

“However, the practice of using cameras like this is not new as many local authorities and the police have been using them for some time.

“The cameras will enable our officers to collect quality evidence as part of investigations and support subsequent prosecutions where appropriate.”

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