What difference does the front facing screen make?


Reveal body cameras have always featured a prominent front facing screen that shows what is being recorded in real time. Studies have shown that people change their behaviour when they know they are being recorded, and that's just what the screen does.

Carl Best, Security Manager at Incentive Security, said "With the front facing screen especially, it lights up, you see yourself on it; it does make you realise that everything you do is being recorded and taken down as evidence."

Best's security officers are equipped with Reveal cameras on every shift, and have found that body worn video has an impact on how people behave.

Security Officer Marc Causon explained "If I've got the camera on, people always calm down. Because they can see their face, they'll calm down."

Peter Nuttycombe, Security Officer added that being able to calm people down saves them time and helps to resolve the issue faster: "When they see themselves on the screen it does sort out the issue straight away, because they know they are being recorded"

Watch the whole case study with Incentive Security here